Mobility Scooters in Tenerife: Legal Information

Quite often we get the question about our Mobility Scooters in Tenerife: legal or not? 

The answer is quite simple: no, mobility scooters are not banned or illegal. However, some double mobility scooters are.

Years ago, the Ayutamiento (Town Council) of Arona and Adeje did not have an issue with these vehicles. However, we were informed lately that there are indeed some serious issues with these vehicles.  Because e-EcoCanarias refuses to act in an illegal way, or put the safety of it’s customers in peril, we no longer rent out these scouters.

Without going to much in detail, the main reasons for not renting these out anymore are the following:

  • These scooters cannot drive on the public road, as they have no license plate
  • They cannot be driven on the pavement either, because the engine is simply too big (1000W engine). They are by the way classified as electric tricycles. 
  • Since they have become illegal, they cannot be insured anymore. Our fleet is covered by a MAPFRE insurance. Vehicles not being covered by insurance will simply not been rented out anymore.
  • Last but not least, they are not suited for people having a blue badge, since they do not have enough safety measures built in – like an engine brake.

You still might see some of these vehicles driving around in the streets, and some rental companies will claim they are legal. They are not. Furthermore, the insurance policy will not be covered.

We are currently co-operating with the government to have these vehicles banned from the streets and pavements, and will as said before, no longer rent them out.

However, we still have an extensive fleet of other mobility scooters (more information can be found clicking on this link), and are constantly widening our fleet with new and better models. 

With spring arriving, and the island getting busier by the day, it is however advisable to get informed and even book early enough.

Price quotes are of course free,  and do not forget we offer free delivery and pickup of your mobility scooter at your hotel or your apartment.

We also have an overnight charging service available in case you cannot take care of the charging yourself. 

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions, or have have a look at our Facebook page.

Emails are always welcome at, or just ring us at +34 642 377 034


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