Mobility scooter in Tenerife: laws and regulations explained

Since our previous post seems to have provoked quite some questions, just a short article about mobility scooter tenerife laws and regulations

What is the rule for a double scooter?

Strictly spoken, they cannot be used. Neither on the pavement, nor the road. The simply do not meat the definition of an invalid carriage. Regarding children, they cannot stand up on the scooter, nor can they be seated on your lap

Where can the scooters be driven?

On the pavement, and in pedestrian areas. Not on the public road, not in bus lanes or cycle-only lanes. And of course, not on motorways either

Do you need a  driver licence?

Short answer: no.

What about insurance?

Although it is not a legal requirement according to mobility scooter tenerife law, our scooters are insured by MAPFRE in case of an accident. If you own you own mobility vehicle, it is strongly advised to take out an insurance to cover personal safety, damage caused to other people, and the worth of the vehicle itself. You will have to pay compensation in case of an accident (if it is your fault of course)

Where can I park?

All legal parking restrictions apply to mobility scooters. Make sure not to block any exit of a hotel, store, ….. They can despite popular belief, not be parked on handicap-signed parking spaces (these are reserved for cars)

Do I need a registration plate? Or pay tax?

No, a mobility scooter does not need to be registered according to Spanish laws. Hence, no vehicle tax is due.

What about the disabled card?

Best is to always carry it on you, especially when driving the vehicle


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Mobility scooter tenerife law

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