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As promised in the previous post, a little word about our e-bikes, and as an extra gift, a suggestion of an easy cycling route, taking you past a few lovely sightseeing spots around Costa Teguise!

What is an e-bike?

An e-bike, or electric bike, is basically a simple push pedal bike, but with a motor and a battery. The so called pedal assist helps you in getting faster and further with less efforts. You still have to pedal, but the motor kicks in as soon as you set off. So opposed to what a lot of people think, it doesn’t run on itself – otherwise it would be called an electric scooter

What types of e-bikes are available?

We got several models of e-bikes, in two main categories: e-city bikes and e-fat bikes

e-city bikes

They look as your every-day-use bike, except for the battery and the motor. A few examples:

These city bikes are equipped with a lithium battery, and have a range of about 70 km, allowing you to enjoy several hours of cycling fun

e-fat bikes

These electric bikes are ideal for off- and on-road driving. Their powerful engines can reach high speeds – up to 50 km/h! Their wide tires make them perfect to drive on dirt roads and even on beaches.

How much does it cost to rent?

Regular electric bikes are being rented at 20€ for 6 hours, or 25€ a day. The e-fat bikes cost 25€ for 6 hours, and 35€ a day.

We never ask a deposit, and no driver license is needed. If you want a helmet, they are provided free of charge as well.
Note that, opposed to electric scooters, they must be driven on the road or cycling paths, not on pavements. The sea promenade has a reserved bicycle lane.

Idea of a relaxed cycling route.

The route we often recommend to people, is about 15 km long, and can easily be done in about an hour – without stops that is. Having said this, as it is a scenic route, chances are high you’ll stop several times to take some pictures.

Playa del Jablillo – Coastal Road – Telamon Shipwreck – Arrecife


What is there to see?

Quite a few things: the beautful beaches of Costa Teguise, a shipwreck sitting close to the beach for the last fourty years, and the beautiful coast line of Arrecife, the island’s capital. 

Note that the Telamon shipwreck (also called Temple Hall) is dangerous to enter – accidents have happened before. So for your own safety, do not go swimming close to the wreck.

A few pictures of the route:

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